BUILDING for the next 150

Facilities: $120 million

Modernization and expansion of Maine Medical Center’s physical facility is crucial if we are to continue as a first-rate, accessible hub of high-acuity services for patients from Maine and northern New England.

Demand for MMC’s services is at an all-time high. Even before the pandemic, patients have been increasingly older and sicker than the patients we saw even 10 years ago. This has resulted in a shortage of available beds and procedure rooms that, in turn, forces an intensive triage process to manage transfer requests from community hospitals across the state. It also frequently backs up the Emergency Department, as patients who need to be admitted must wait for an inpatient bed to become available.

Surgery today is notably different, with incisions getting smaller while the staff and required equipment have increased dramatically.

Our physical infrastructure has not kept pace with the rapidly shifting health care landscape. The majority of our current patient rooms are in buildings at least 40 years old; some in buildings nearly 80 years old.

Our community has already raised more than $100 million of the $588.4 million project cost to add 478,000 square feet of modern space. With your help, The NEXT 150 Campaign has committed to raising an additional $20 million to accelerate plans to fully build out the Malone Family Tower and alleviate rising inpatient capacity challenges.

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Five Year Plan

Malone Family Tower | Target Completion 2023



New 6-story building primarily focused on cardiovascular care and surgery.

  • 6 floors of clinical services
  • 96 private universal rooms
  • 19 procedure rooms
  • Adding a floor for a new Sterile Processing Department, allowing for better preparedness to meet the growing demand for procedures in our community
  • Cohorting of our cardiovascular services
  • Keeping renewable energy, environmentally-responsible materials, social equity, and other sustainability measures as priorities, we plan to pursue LEED certification for this healthy building.

Learn more about the this new cardiovascular center of excellence >

Coulombe Family Tower | Completed January 2020



New spaces for treating people with cancer, including services in medical, gynecological, and surgical oncology; thoracic and colorectal cancer; and ear/nose/throat

  • 2 floors of clinical services
  • 64 private universal rooms
  • Heliport on top of new tower
  • Received LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, having achieved high marks in many of the assessment areas including: Water Efficiency, Material & Resources, Energy & Atmosphere, Sustainable Sites, and more.

Learn more about these dedicated cancer care spaces, and the Sister’s Heliport >

Scarborough Medical Office Building | Completed May 2021



New medical office building to address increasing volume and demand for subspecialty services such as neuroscience, ear/nose/throat, and vascular surgery

  • 3 floors of outpatient services
  • 108,000 square feet
  • Regional center for specialty care

Learn more about this regional center for specialty care >

Parking Enhancements | Completed January 2020

  • 3 floors and 225 parking spaces added to the Visitor Garage
  • Existing employee parking garage on Congress Street demolished
  • New employee parking garage constructed on St. John Street with 2,450 parking spaces

Your support will help Maine Medical Center create…

Private rooms will ensure privacy and comfort for patients and families facing serious health issues, and also alleviate the bottlenecks that often occur when our semiprivate rooms cannot house a second patient. Private rooms are the standard of care for infection prevention, a reality driven home by the nature of COVID-19.

Procedure rooms need to be big enough to fit today’s interdisciplinary teams and the sophisticated equipment required to deliver the most advanced care. In 2015, Maine Medical Center added five new operating rooms — and schedules were filled as soon as they opened.

The new entrance on Congress Street will make it easier and less intimidating for patients to access the medical center and find their way, while integrating the medical center with the surrounding streetscape.

Thoughtfully-designed inpatient units will place clinicians closer to their patients and create spaces for team-based discussion and collaboration. Our goal is to have every patient and family know they are being cared for by a single team with one well-coordinated care plan.

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