The NEXT 150 Starts With You

In honor of Maine Medical Center’s 150th anniversary, it is our great pleasure to announce the public launch of The NEXT 150 | The Campaign for Maine Medical Center. Our goal is to secure $150 million to build for the next 150, educate for the next 150, innovate for the next 150, and lead for the next 150.

A campaign of this magnitude comes along once in a generation and this is our time. The NEXT 150 | The Campaign for Maine Medical Center is about the future of healthcare for our state and region.

Through this effort, we will make the experience here even better for patients and families as we continue to fuel the advancements and innovations in clinical care for which we are known.

We will advance our efforts to create a brighter, more promising future for all of Maine by educating the clinicians it needs and solving its biggest health challenges.

And, we will strengthen our statewide healthcare system that works seamlessly for patients and their families, giving each person the right care in the right setting at the right time.

The goals set forth by this campaign are ambitious, and our success in reaching them will require the involvement of our neighbors throughout the state. However, we believe that there has never been such an opportunity for those who call Maine home to directly shape the health of our region, both now and for future generations.

Many of our neighbors have already stepped forward to support this campaign during its quiet phase. We are extremely honored to have such strong and broad support throughout the community — from individuals, corporations and foundations, clinicians, and staff.

We hope you’ll join us.

Bill Burke, Margaret Bush, Chris Emmons
Campaign Co-Chairs

Campaign Leadership

Campaign Co-Chairs
Bill Burke
Margaret Bush
Chris Emmons

Campaign Cabinet Members
Peter Bates, MD
Joel Botler, MD
Joe Boulos
Ann Bresnahan
Bill Caron
Kathy Coster
Paul Coulombe
Dick Curran
John Curran
Sue Doliner
Sam Ladd
Jere Michelson
Rich Petersen
Jeff Sanders
Mike Vail
David Warren
John Wasileski
Owen Wells
Joe Wishcamper

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